Voice of the Anbar province, on Tuesday, the conservative majority on the dismissal of Suhaib al- Rawi, who apologized for attending the hearing " for health reasons". Anbar Provincial Council held two meetings during the day yesterday at its headquarters in the alternative to spend Khalidiyah, which lies 23 kilometers east of Ramadi, Anbar 's governor to interrogate Suhaib al- Rawi. And the voice of 18 members out of 30 on Alaqalh.uetoly narrator Anbar province administration since a 19 - month, replacing the former governor Ahmed al - Dulaimi , who has been injured as a result of targeting his convoy with rocket - propelled mortar.
It was close to the governor of Anbar parties accused Ahmed Abu Risha , of being behind attempts to overthrow the former was . The parties in Anbar revealed (range) recently, in the face of imminent between the Islamic Party , which belongs to him the governor of Anbar Suhaib al- Rawi and Abu Risha, head of the Iraqi Awakening Conference, threatens to change the political map in Anbar after the submission of the narrator request to the Speaker of Parliament to dissolve the provincial council. and got (range) on a leaked copy of the expulsion decision, who carried the sequence 128 and dated 28/06/2016 and the tail of the signing of the provincial council chairman morning Krhot.
according to the book, " the Council members listened to the issues raised by the committee questioning and got a belief among a majority of the members of the Council the existence of violations administrative, legal, financial and administrative corruption and the exploitation of job position and the waste of public money. " Then raise the provincial council its meeting held at eleven o'clock in the morning, according to a decision Alaqalh.oadav Krhot, according to the official book, "It has to convene the chamber again at half past one pm, and the Council voted Minutes second majority vote on the dismissal of the governor of Anbar Suhaib al- Rawi according to the list of interrogation reasons dishonesty and exploitation of career post, causing a waste of public money, and neglect and dereliction deliberate in the performance of duty and responsibility . "in a statement to (long - Presse), Krhot" the question the governor Suhaib al- Rawi was without his presence explained that 18 members out of 30 voted for the dismissal of the narrator . "He added the President of the Anbar provincial Council," the Council 's decision to dismiss the narrator came administrative and legal violations committed during his job for the job , "adding that" the decision unlawful dismissal and unconstitutional and was in accordance with the regulations the provincial councils is associated territories. "
coinciding with contract questioning session, the media office of the governor, said in a brief statement posted on its website, " the governor of Anbar province Suhaib al- Rawi exposed became ill he was taken to taken to a Baghdad hospital and is now undergoing medical tests to determine the cause of the crisis."
later, the narrator threatened by appealing to the law and resorting to the courts in response to the vote on his dismissal. He said the media office of the governor of Anbar province, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "while we welcome any relevant democratic path in the provincial council and national level is generally a step, and disseminating rows handedness out of the neck of the crisis in our province, we regret today that some of the brothers to take a step not in the core of these meanings . "He added the narrator that" our emphasis to public questioning session requested by the brothers in the Council for the province, and what came after we asked for the delay because of the number of questions , which exceeded sixty question, health indisposition which Raafqatna due to double efforts with recent developments humanitarian and security files, what only goal than one address home safety and citizen of any hands trying to undermine them under any pretext, and to clarify the whole picture of all, within the time must be given relative to the size of what had been asking about it . "
The governor of Anbar to "what was released today by the decision of the Council of Anbar province, we can only reject it nationally, and turn to the Iraqi administrative law for the realization of the right, lift the rod from the wheel of progress that we are moving in with our brothers in the provincial council, who lived with us efforts we have made ​​service to our country and our province. " in
contrast, a student member of the Anbar Provincial Council see Barakat al - Issawi, dissolve Anbar Council to condemn the dismissal of the narrator.
a member of the Anbar see Barakat al - Issawi, said in an interview to the (long - Presse)," the questioning session and the dismissal of the governor of Anbar Suhaib al- Rawi is legal but not legitimate the fact that the narrator lying in the hospital after he became ill and there are reports to prove it with the council demand to postpone the questioning session before the session . "he added al - Issawi that" the governor of Anbar province Suhaib al- Rawi will submit an appeal to the Federal Court that the Constitution and the law and the rules of procedure of the Council of Anbar does not give the right for members of the holding of two in one day this breach , "and urged" the solution of the Provincial Council for the incompetence of its members. "
He said a member of the council that" the majority of the Council members who voted for the dismissal of the narrator we did not see them any presence or movement of more than two years and a half and Anbar fighting organization Daash terrorist within the province they were out of Iraq since that period and now we see their vote for the first time dismissal of the governor. "