Announced that the secretariat of Baghdad, on Tuesday, for the completion of the work of implementing the water great Rusafa project to address water scarcity in a number of districts and areas in the capital , Baghdad, and as pointed out that the project consists of four main sections with a total capacity of up to (910 thousand cubic meters per day), likely to open in the next few days. the Directorate relations and media, in the Municipality of Baghdad, in a statement, received a (long - Presse), a copy of which, " the Baghdad water Department in collaboration with the French Dkrmont company combined with two Iraqi companies completed the work of implementing the water great Rusafa project It is the largest in the Middle district East to address the scarcity of water, especially in the Rusafa once and for all, as well as bridging the future needs of the capital until the year 2030 and provide a surplus will be given to the districts and the parties. " the statement added," the project used the latest technology and the most advanced in the world in terms of water filter and ensure access to the consumer according to the technical specifications adopted by the World Health Organization and increase per capita Baghdadi daily of drinking water in accordance with international standards , "pointing out that" the total capacity of the project up to 910 thousand cubic meters during the same day. " the statement pointed out , to " the project consists of four main sections first outlet , which is located on the Tigris River and includes the elements of the initial filter and pumping station for raw water and the second section carrier lines between the outlet and the treatment plant and the number of five lines of the third treatment plant and section located approximately (3.5) kilometers east of the river It includes (16) basin sedimentation and two pools for the nomination consortium of 14 units nomination. " The statement continued," The other project sections include chemical plant and reservoirs of pure water card (90) thousand cubic meters for each station of pure water pumping and transmission lines reservoir from the pumping station to the points and reservoirs distribution beside me Karkh and Rusafa a length of 70 km in diameters ranging from 1400-1800mlm, "likely" project opening in the next few days. " The statement, that" pure water distribution from the project to the neighborhoods of the capital Baghdad will be by seven lines, two of which Qatar (1600 mm) track to the embankment and passing through areas the people of Ur and Iaalbh and seven palaces and granular Obeidi and perfectionism, municipalities and other lines in diameter 1800 mm track to orchards neighborhood and reflect the military channel is then connected by the main network between the areas of Afaq Arabiya and by Muhammad Qasim for quick passage. " The Commission parliamentary integrity has confirmed, ( the 29th of October 2015 the past), the existence of "suspicions of corruption" in the water great Rusafa project, indicating that it had agreed with the curator of Baghdad, on activation and grace company executing a ceiling specific timetable for completion. the secretariat of Baghdad , has been attributed in (23 October 2015), delayed the completion of water large Rusafa project, to the financial problems with the executing company, despite the completion of 98 percent of it. the Alasam company and carp , which is honored by the Iraqi businessman, Essam al - Asadi, launched in partnership with the company (and Dkeri Mint) French in 2009 , the establishment of water large Rusafa project, and despite the passage of six years to work on the project, but the company executing him refrain from completing the remaining part of the project only after the receipt of the last installments of the amount, according to the secretariat of Baghdad. the Baghdad , just like any other Iraqi provinces, suffer large chronic problems in the area of services, such as electricity, drinking water, sanitation and road networks.