Sabri: the agreement with the International Monetary Fund believes Iraq 's nearly $ 14 billion

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Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the income tax "will not include" only those with graduate degrees and own staff and the first and second degree only.

While he stressed that the agreement with the IMF "would not be" on the expense of the citizen but rather to ensure the continued provision of needs, the total will get Iraq as a result of the signing of the memorandum with the fund about $ 14 billion.

Saad al-Sabri, a spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister, in his brevity journalist, said that there are "many fallacies about the memo, which was signed by Iraq with the International Monetary Fund, the political and media circulation," noting that "the Iraqi government submitted to the International Monetary Fund for an integrated vision in the process of its reform program and plans to address the economic problems facing the country and the reform of the administrative and financial system of the various state institutions a manner that achieves improve government performance, and optimal use of the resources of the state, and stop wasteful of public money, and expand and diversify sources of income, strengthen supervision and follow-up and the development of the Iraqi economy on rail systems correct. "

Sabri added that "the IMF found that the vision of the Iraqi government in this regard constitute a basis be a proper and approved by the Fund's management in all public lines and signed the memorandum after examining some of the detailed issues that were originally prepared by the Iraqi government,"

stressing "the invalidity of the rumors regarding the deduction part of the employees' salaries as a result of agreements signed with the international Monetary Fund note, as the expansion vessel tax settling accounts through the income tax does not include only those with graduate degrees and own staff first and second degree only, note that this procedure is based on the paper governmental reform approved by the Council of Ministers and ratified by parliament. "

The spokesman explained that "financial reform axis provided under article concerning the reform of the expenses and revenues of the state structure to tackle tax evasion, both in terms of income tax, and expand the tax base that the system is a facilitator handles those covered by positively with him, and the development of the system on the precise grounds to prevent corruption and ease the burden for self-employed ",

returned to this" procedure helps in the redistribution of wealth among citizens distributed in a fair and reduce the proportion of income differences between officials with special and the rest of the staff grades, which is also stipulated in the paper reform presented by the head of government, as well as being contributes to resource income of the general budget of the country and make government more able to meet the requirements of the war on terrorism and securing financial cover sufficient for the continuation of employees and retirees salaries and social protection network and the continuation of spending on health and education sector and the provision of basic needs of displaced people and the ration card. "

Sabri said that "the memorandum will provide important for Iraq financial support in the current financial crisis, where Iraq will receive five billion and 400 million dollars from the International Monetary Fund through a three-year interest rate of not more than one and a half percent,"

noting that "the fund will provide two billion dollars before the end of this 2016, in batches, and that the memorandum will improve the status of Iraq's credit, which opens up broad prospects for support, financial and economic support from many international and regional financial organizations, where Iraq will receive three billion dollars from the international Bank for reconstruction and development as well as the assistance to be provided by the donor countries. "

A spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister stressed that "the seven major industrialized countries would provide additional funds for Iraq, will have total will get Iraq as a result of the signing of the memorandum with the International Monetary Fund about $ 14 billion," adding that "the agreement with the IMF requirements complementary to the government's reform They are among the least requirements that already fund that placed compared to the previous Batvaqath with many countries of the world. "

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