Long-Presse / Baghdad
He denied the State of Law coalition, on Tuesday, signing a political agreement, and accused the sites "yellow" promoted paper bearing forged signatures of the leaders agreement, and as he emphasized that the goal of the foundation is to abolish the quota system in all its forms, called for the formation of a majority government policy.
The head of the parliamentary advocate bloc MP Khalaf Abdul Samad Khalaf, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, that "we read some of the social networking pages sites (yellow) on Facebook forged paper carried the signatures of a group of leaders of the coalition of state law under the title of political agreement "stressing that" this paper forged and baseless and Mzoroha did not take the trouble of forging signatures albeit somewhat similar. "
Khalaf said "our main objective is the abolition of the quota system in all its forms on the basis of it is the main reason for the decline in the country and the failure to achieve the aspirations and hopes of the Iraqis and Iraq could apply under the quota system disadvantages obnoxious."
The Chairman of the call parliamentary bloc that "the coalition called on the former and now call on the reform front of the parliamentary to the need to form a majority government policy at the central and provincial governments are working harmoniously according to a specific program eliminates all forms of allotment based on experience, competence and integrity," asserting that "attempts by some desperate for a character Iraqis look for the truth will not work and we are confident the awareness of our people and our ability to diagnosis and effective presence in all fields. "