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Counting MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) of Iraqi Bakhtiar Shaways, the new alliance between the national and the beginning of the change of regime change in the region and the Constitution as a prelude to change the presidency.
Shaways said that "the goal of the new alliance between the PUK and Gorran is to correct the path of the political process in the region and the reform of the system," noting that "the coalition does not target any party of the Kurdish parties."
He added, "The first step of this alliance is to modify the system of government in the region to a parliamentary-style system of government in Baghdad to prevent the establishment of dictatorships and then amend the constitution that the region does not have a constitution."
He pointed out that "regime change the Constitution and the consequent automatically change the presidency in Kurdistan."
It is said that MP for the mass change parliamentary Shirin Reza denied today reports by the media biased on reaching the mass change and democratic Union agreement on the need to isolate the Kurdistan regional president Massoud Barzani from office.