Twilight News / Basra governor Majed Nasraoui announced on Tuesday for the return of the Turkish energy barges to work after a break for a few hours.
According to a statement issued by the Information Office of the province that Nasraoui, "flew to the port of Abu Flus, on top of a large security force, to resolve the problem of the Turkish barges, which suddenly stopped working yesterday, and caused a crisis of electric power in Basra."
"The barges Turkish generating electricity has returned to work and feed the province of Basra, after the threat of termination of their services portfolios and expelled out of the country."
The Ministry of Electricity announced on Monday that the Turkish Karki has stopped contracting with the Ministry of Electricity work of the three anchored Barjatha in the ports of Basra, which provides electric power system capacity of 410 MW are awarded to the province of Basra, due to the debt owed by the ministry of the Turkish company.