Ports proceed with the application of a new table of returns and wages includes a slight increase

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General Company of Iraqi Ports, which is headquartered in Basra announced, applying to embrace a new table of returns and wages includes a slight increase, and confirmed the exemption of imported goods that are taken out of the port in less than a week wages.

The director of the Department of Public Relations and Media in the company Anmar Abdul Moneim net, if a new table of returns and special pay ports came into force as of today, and includes a table a slight increase in those revenues and wages, "noting that" the company is an annual update and modify the schedule to keep up with developments in their work , the increase included in the new table resulting from the increase in electricity fees and other operating expenses incurred on the work of the ports. "

Net and pointed out that "the increase does not include all goods imported through commercial ports, but certain goods, including construction materials and alcoholic beverages," adding that "the imported goods that are taken out of the port in less than a week are exempt from the fees."

Net and pointed out that "the new table of returns and wages was due to be applied in the (June 15, 2016), but in response to requests from shipping companies and importers were postponed implementation for ten days only."

The General Company of Iraqi Ports revealed on Sunday (June 19, 2016), its intention to increase the shelves for up to 83 berths until 2018, while confirming that the plan includes the establishment of those sidewalks through investment and system interoperability.

The Iraqi ports company announced (18 May 2016), directly from the Philippine company to establish three berths in the port of Umm Qasr within the developmental curriculum for Iraqi ports, indicating that the cost of the project $ 380 million.

The province of Basra has five active commercial ports frequented by dozens of foreign ships per month, is the stronghold of the Abu Flus and Khor Al-Zubair ports and mother of the Northern and Southern Palace, the latter usually mean the ships that carry shipments of imported food by the Ministry of Commerce for distribution among citizens within the ration.

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