Front reform threatens: the opposition, we are shifting to a "significant" if the court approved the "legitimacy" Jubouri

27/06/2016 14:28

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press: confirmed the MP for the Reform Front parliamentary (sitters Representatives), high Nassif, said on Monday that its front would be " a point of considerable opposition" in parliament, pointing out that the front will stick as issued by the Federal Court tomorrow on the legality of the two sessions last two parliament, the boss Saleem al - Jubouri.

Nassif said in a statement for "tomorrow Press", "Reform Front has no demands personal for gains, but its goal correct the political process and have clear all his joints project", indicating that "some of the characters and the blocks closer to the front is for their faith in our project correction."

She said "front did not differ on minor issues, but we disagree on the project and on the electoral programs that have not been implemented, so the approach of some of the blocks of us is to implement Mtbuniat this project."

She said the "front reform waiting for the decision of the Federal Court on Tuesday, and will adhere to its implementation, and that the decision was not to our advantage to have a big front to be strong opposition in the parliament and we will balance steelyard to vote on laws and supervisory role to correct the political process. "

She noted that" the Federal Court is part of the political system, which extrapolated the political process before issuing a decision, and we are in front we emphasized our commitment to the decisions of the Court . " .