27 June 2016
BAGHDAD / ... met with Secretary General of the Islamic Virtue Party, Hashem al-Hashemi, the head and members of the parliamentary bloc of virtue, a delegation of Kurdish forces, such as the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the MDC headed by MP, but Talabani and Hoshyar MP Abdullah.

A press statement from the Information Office of the Islamic Virtue Party received "Eye of Iraq News," that "the Secretary-General, Mr. Hashem al-Hashemi, members of the Fadhila bloc expressed welcome and thanks to the keenness of our partners in the National Union and the MDC to sustain communication and dialogue with the political forces."

The statement added, "The Party of Kurdistan delegation is convinced that the Kurdish political forces able to overcome the political crisis and achieve the desired stability in the region and play a positive role to achieve stability in the whole of Iraq."

As the delegation said the Kurdish forces that the goal of the visit is to "sustain communication with national political forces and explain developments in the political landscape of Kurdistan and coordinate positions regarding government reforms file."

It also said the Kurdish delegation to the importance of the political agreement reached recently between the National Union and the Movement for Change, which led to increased coordination between them and the unification of the two blocs , the Parliamentary in one block, across the members of the joint delegation expressed their willingness for dialogue with all the Kurdish and national parties to reach a common convictions in connection with all issues outstanding. finished 1