Kurdistan Region is preachers and imams at mosques background Alپeshmrگh described as" infidels "

Twilight News / after exposure to the forces Alپeshmrگh and described an infidel in a special booklet, has been the formation of a joint committee of the Ministries of Culture and Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs in the Kurdistan Regional Government in order to eliminate the extremist ideology, as a member of the Committee stressed that the goal of the foundation is to close any media organization and ward off any preacher and prevent any brochures published extremist ideology, as expressed in the Undersecretary of the Ministry of culture on the belief that part of the parties of political Islam were behind the dissemination of extremist ideology.
And arrived terrorists "Daash" to the conclusion that they're totally smitten in their attacks on Alپeshmrگh forces, so they are trying through these ideas to infiltrate into Kurdistan and the dissemination of extremist ideology in it.
He said the Ministry of Awqaf relations official said a section of the mosque has become a place to call for thought "Daash," and that some of the clergy in the Kurdistan Region published sermons in radio "Daash."
It was the formation of a joint committee comprising members from the ministries of culture and religious affairs Alchordstanyen As its members say that any person or media organization will not slip easily, while noting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture that the portion of the radio stations and television channels described as an Islamist, publish extremist ideology.
He said the radio station belonging to the organization "Daash" terrorist based on a daily basis to broadcast speeches by clerics from the province of Kurdistan, noting that in addition to the politicians of people, including parliamentarians Kord remarks published them in a radio for "Daash."
There in the Kurdistan region of more than 30 radio and a television Islamists, there are 20 files in the Ministry of Culture demanding the opening of channels and radio stations Muslim, but the ministry did not respond to their demands.
The information suggests that it is scheduled to be shut down half of these institutions that are the dimensions of a section of the preachers in mosques and are arresting others.