June 26, 2016
Diyala police forces and operations of the Tigris and the popular crowd has implemented a proactive process of large-scale prosecution of sleeper cells of the Daash terrorist gangs in Diyala province. The Interior Ministry said in a statement today that "Diyala police command announced the implementation of a proactive joint security operation in the Hamrin mountains and lake regions and Kara Tepe in conjunction with the leadership of the Tigris operations and the popular crowd and Army Aviation." He said Diyala provincial police chief Maj. Gen. Jassim Al-Saadi, according to the statement that "the joint forces of the Diyala police operations Tigris popular crowd implemented a proactive security operation in the Hamrin Mountains and the area around the lake to hunt down sleeper cells gangs Daash which is trying to find a safe haven in these areas." He said Diyala police commander that "the inspection process included large areas and rugged to crack down on terrorist groups and prevent them from being in the vicinity of the lake and the northern areas of the eastern province of Diyala, which is characterized by rugged Ptdharysha that facilitates the disappearance of the terrorists." He pointed out that "The operation resulted in the seizure of arms caches and explosives, and the dismantling of a number of IEDs and destroy caches of terrorist gangs Daash." Diyala province is experiencing from time to time trying to terrorist operations Daash terrorist gangs which sow sectarian strife and destabilize the national spirit among civilians, where the processes leading to the martyrdom and wounding large numbers of them.