Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah pointed out that the martyr leader Mustafa Badr al-Din (Mr. Zulfikar) had a significant role in the defense of Syria and Iraq because he was believed to be to defend Iraq and Syria defend Lebanon. He added that "Mr. Zulfikar was responsible for jihadist file in Iraq and Syria, and he has a great bearing responsibility in that." He said Nasrallah in a speech during the ceremony, which Hezbollah raised on the occasion of the anniversary of forty martyr leader Mr. Zulfikar "We in Syria to defend Lebanon and our people in Lebanon and the future and destiny of Lebanon, because it can not dismantle the future and fate of Lebanon what is happening in Syria and Iraq, "and noted that" fighting for the defense of Aleppo today is to defend Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, a defense of Jordan, who was a few days before the attack, "and pointed out "give a chance for the US project takfiri will waste all the previous achievements in the past years so he must be in the Aleppo area to defend it and we actually create large numbers in that region," .alsid Hassan Nasrallah in the forty Shahid Badr al-Din pointed out that "what is happening in Aleppo is a fierce battle, but there dramatize the media through the media financier Gulf broadcasting rumors that Hezbollah breaks down and have a lot of losses, "he continued," there are those who invent a lie and broadcast and then believe it and rejoice in it and this media group political is internally and heartily with Daash from Fallujah to tenderness to Aleppo this is confirmed by their attitudes and Buniathm and inform them. "

He said Nasrallah " in order to assess the battle precisely there since the beginning of the month of June 26 martyrs and one prisoner and missing one and every word of another is not accurate and is intended to intimidate waging a psychological war against the resistance, while in Aleppo , there are a cosmic war to stop her face Syrian army and allies, including resistance by all the valor and courage and thwarted the implementation of the US project has been achieved huge achievements in that area to the extent that the other axis almost collapsing therefore stepped in Washington and asked for a truce to work to restore support for terrorist groups. "
Mr. Nasr he said" building statistics documented resistance, the axis and terrorist groups from 1-6 -2016 to 06.24.2016 the number of its dead is 617 people , including dozens of field commanders and some senior leaders and they have more than 800 wounded were damaged and destroyed more than 80 tanks and Only in this whole outcome of have had the biggest losses, "he continued , " Let 's put the resistance losses before this losses for terrorist groups are these project achieves successes in light of all these losses? ", said the" suspicion and mistrust among these large as they work to build on the pressure and support Saudi Arabia in more than one region , but that there are media misleading , while the will of the resistance constant and brothers not budge and environment resistance increases in every day to understand the correctness of this option and understand very well all projects aimed dotted. "
memorial gathering Shahid Badr al- Din
Hassan Nasrallah and went to the young fighters in Syria , saying , " you are honest in your promise and you reality of love Husseini and you are the trustees of the commandments of the martyrs , you who are defending about Mark you are right who have done the miracle and history in dotted in the July war and you who will fall hegemony and sedition and think about projects in the region, "he continued , " the brothers of the martyr leader will finish in Aleppo what he started , Mr. Mustafa and each of Syria and when required by the need in Iraq , we will do what we must do . " .About the phenomenon of the shooting, Mr. Nasrallah called for a "thorough and complete this scourge and national treatment," he continued , "We in Hezbollah , we took the decision to address this matter and we started a massive campaign in this area," he added "this is categorically reject We have issued a circular internally there is a commitment by a very high do however have met and unanimously Hezbollah leadership that shoots into the air formations Hezbollah will be separated from our ranks, "and the hope of" parties and movements to take similar measures. "
in fiscal Thread US law, Mr. Nasr said God , "there from the very beginning we had a talk and clear that we reject this law for many reasons , " he stated that "some in Lebanon there are those who work to promote Hezbollah collapses financially and this stupid and childish," he continued , "even if applied Lebanese banks and exaggerated the so Viewed from us regulatory and jihadi hand to Hezbollah because it is not our business ventures or investment institutions in order to break down through the banks ", he stressed that" all financial matters for Hezbollah comes from Iran, not through banks and also reached us rockets that threaten Israel 's up to us money , "and thanks to Iran and Imam leader Seyed Ali Khamenei on all this Da'm.odaa Mr. Nasrallah "not to target people and pressure , " and said that "some banks in Lebanon went away at it and they were kings over the king and went to put pressure on the institutions of the US did not ask for pressure on it already," fluidly "Is this the work of humanitarian work or is it a bank or banks and protects it is an assault on people and their livelihoods? Is this law and the sovereignty and national or that exploit the poor and the attack on our families and our people , "and stressed" we will not accept and will not allow this aggression , "and pointed out that" since the day the country to open a substantive debate with those involved at this level and dialogue is continuing and there are positive path because we we keen on the country and the economy. "
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in the forty Shahid Badr al- Din on the recent developments in Bahrain ,
Nasrallah said , " is the recent power is said is unacceptable by any standards, especially the decision to withdraw the citizenship of Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem, "and pointed out that "Bahraini people as long as peaceful adopted but there is a resolution of the House of Saud to prevent dialogue in Bahrain therefore prevents Al Khalifa to engage in this dialogue , based on the decision of the House of Saud , " and pointed out that "Al - Saud afraid of dialogue in Bahrain , they are afraid that the demands of the people in Saudi Arabia dialogue like Bahrain. "
Mr. Nasrallah said that" the Bahraini people have feelings of jealousy and can do a lot in response to the regime 's practices, but Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem, along with a lot of scientists and leaders were able to set up this people that is moving towards violence , "and pointed out that" the must to be rewarded this is Sheikh Issa Qassem , who was able to lead this people towards peace and non-violence ", and pointed out that" Al - Saud want the Bahraini people to surrender and that did not happen and this is what was not satisfied with this patient and diligent people , despite all the practices, so he worked escalation in Bahrain through Saudi methodology designed to humiliate and subjugation, but the Bahraini people to return them in the sit -in in front of the house of Sheikh Issa Qassem so besieged city of Duraz "He pointed Mr. Nasrallah that" the nature of the act and move determined by Bahrain scientists and leaders fully independent because they are more knowledgeable and know the nature of reality in Bahrain ", and stressed that" Al Khalifa are subject to the will of the British ambassador in Manama and the will of the House of Saud , "and stressed" the need to bear the world 's responsibility to prevent the implementation of the decision of Al Khalifa because after the withdrawal of nationality there would be deported from the country and if the system says no political horizon in the country . " on the other hand, Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that" Mr. Mustafa lot of roles and files investigated by the achievements in the process of resistance , and these files is the launch of prisoners and detainees from Israeli jails file, "he continued , " the martyr Mr. Mustafa is the head of the negotiating team every negotiation for the release of prisoners with the Israeli enemy in spite of all the security precautions related to the personality of the martyr leader operations. "
Mr. Nasrallah said that" Mr. Mustafa was the one who take the initiative to assume responsibility in the sensitive files, including the prisoners and detainees file perhaps because he was among the leaders of the military resistance itself is interest in it as the emotional side with Mr. being previously detained role in order to address these files are files that need patience and the same long and consistently. "
Mr. Nasrallah He saluted the family of the martyr , especially his mother, his wife and children , and brethren , and both guys Avenue and weapons, also went to salute all the families of martyrs , especially the families of the martyrs who have risen in recent battles in Aleppo area, also went to salute to the families of martyrs and prisoners, and stressed that "resistance does not leave its captives and the best proof of this is the large role that he was doing the martyr leader in this area."