Washington / New evidence has accused the Republican candidate for the US presidential election , Donald Trump 's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, the deployment of the destruction in the Middle East and deliver Iraq's »Daash» against the Saudi receiving the money, saying that the recent «opened evils own radical Islam tray».
He said Trump Clinton played role in the overthrow of former President Hosni Mubarak regime, and to pave the way for the Muslim Brotherhood, and they received money from Muslim countries led by Saudi Arabia , which applies strict penalties on homosexuals.
, said Trump «decisions Hillary Clinton published a death, destruction and terrorism everywhere buffeted her hand, he has made ​​the American ambassador in Libya, Christopher Stevens and crew consulate in Benghazi hundreds of pleas for help, but Clinton rejected all ».
Trump said« when Clinton took over the Foreign Ministry in 2009 the world was a different place, Libya was cooperating state while Iraq is witnessing a decline rates of violence, as was Syria under control and Iran bottleneck penalties and Egypt , ruled by a friendly regime that respects the peace treaty with Israel, and did not organize Daash even present ».
US presidential candidate, said that by 2014 , Clinton had« ruined the entire Middle East », saying it had done so through the « invasion of Libya and delivery of State for Daash », and that Iran is thanks to that« the dominant Middle East power and its road to have a nuclear weapon ».
Trump confirmed that support for Clinton to use violence in order to change the regime in Syria to push the country into civil war outweigh Bdmoatha what was previously, as Pat's» Daash »platform allows it to launch attacks on the West, Egypt has helped to overthrow a friend and replaced it continued the Muslim Brotherhood 's hard - line regime, has managed the Egyptian army to recover control,« but Clinton opened the evils own radical Islam tray ».
he accused Trump rival b» withdrawal from Iraq and hand over large parts of it to Daash », as a personal attack by saying« I have accepted Clinton jewelry worth 58 thousand dollars from the Government of Brunei and millions of dollars , including the institution run .. Sultan of Brunei who enforce hardline Islamic law , which imposes provisions stoning gay » .