Financial crisis stops more than 300 draft in Basra. And Basra demanding financial her specifications


Baghdad/long press

Wasit governorate Administration announced on Saturday, stopped working with more than 300 project in various sectors in the province because of the financial crisis, the Finance Ministry has demanded release of territories development projects allocations 600 billion dinars in Basra denied receiving any financial allocations since the beginning of this year, the local Government confirmed in Babil project big suit streams halted, and indicated that the second payment projects became its ranking with term.

He said the first Deputy Governor of Basra just Hamza alzerkani in modern (range) to "more than 300 project within the regional development projects across the province cities fully stopped, as a result of the lack of necessary financial allocations to proceed" stating that "these projects cover different service sectors, as well as educational and health projects and projects that relate to the security aspect."

Alzerkani added that "some of these projects have reached the advanced stages of completion, warning displays to extinction and major damage after neglected for so long, making them useless, and may need additional funds to address and fix what gets in later damage."

Alzerkani called, "Finance Ministry release amounts for maintenance within the territories and development projects of allocations 600 billion dinars in 2014 to date, in order to continue the implementation of projects currently suspended," Treasury Department "responsible for any damage to the stalled projects either extinction or other damage of any kind."

The Wasit governorate got through 2015 at 22 billion dinars in total her specifications of 228 billion dinars in regional development projects and is a very small sum compared to the size of the conservative Administration's debt to domestic and foreign firms and contractors to implement these projects, didn't get any amount during the current year.

Kahn said Basra, not to access any funds to the provinces of 2016 budget, pointing out that balancing the country pay all salaries and operations.

He said Chairman Franck morning press "range" I followed any financial allocations from the operational or investment budget for the year 2016, not up to any province. "

Franck said that "the Ministry of finance to invoke for this year's budget funds go to pay the staff and support military operations.

The House of representatives voted on (16 December 2015), the majority on the federal public budget for 2016, after the Finance Ministry has estimated average oil price under budget by $ 45 in exporting 3.6 million barrels a day, while noting that budget revenue will amount to more than 84 trillion at 73 billion dinars.

Sewer service manager said Babylon Mohammed Jassim elzokm at interview (range) that "work continues in almamerh station, South West of Hillah, for wastewater treatment by Chinese company implemented", stating that "work completion ratios of more than 95%, and a total cost of up to 100 billion dinars.

Alskm added that "despite the lack of operational amounts dedicated to financial distress, circle, in the country, we have this year, according to the subjective efforts, nine sewage projects in a number of areas of the city of Hilla, especially neighborhoods experiencing seriously affected by rain in previous seasons, including areas of engineers and professors wemhizm and Assembly and other other regions."

Alskm pointed out that "big suit streams project stalled due to lack of funds, due to the financial crisis," pointing out that "project forwarded by the Department of municipalities and housing to Iraqi companies, after the first company to implement vector lines from mgsr revolution and even rare mgsr by completion of 16%, the second company to implement President Nader mgsr tanker lines and even central processing station at almamerh by 23% completed".

Cold stressed that "the local government in Babylon, informed us that the project became the second ranking in payment term projects in Iraq.

Governor of Babylon was honest Royal connotation, announced Wednesday (22 June 2016) closely contractors dues owed by the province, adding a mechanism to disburse.

The Hilla suffers greatly from lack of sewage and sanitation and that the networks do not exceed 12% of the city, causing huge problems, especially in the rainy season where plunging neighborhoods, streets and always crashes.

Lower oil prices represents a big problem for Iraq, which is dependent on oil revenues, mainly as a source of income at a time when the challenges of internal fighting with "ISIS" and the need to provide funds for basic services that suffer from a serious shortage.