Deputies: Amnesty Law occupies a major priority for approval in the next chapter

6/26/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Shaima Rashid

Legal Committee of Parliament announced that the draft of the amnesty law, one of the important laws which will be put to the vote during the next legislative term, indicating that approval is one of the national necessities at the moment.

Vice President of the Legal Committee, Muhsin al - Sadoun, stressed that «Chapter next legislature will see legislation important laws, led by General Amnesty Law »indicating that the Commission has reached its final stages in the legislation. Sadoun said »Sabah» that the committee reached a substantial convergence of views on the law, although there are some differences that could have resolved the ongoing meetings of the heads of blocs ».

He added that the law sent by the government includes many exceptions, have been reduced circumstances described therein, noting reach the final stages of an agreement on the fourth paragraph concerning terrorism law. For his part, confirmed the decision of the Legal Committee, Hassan Turan »Sabah» that the adoption of this law a national necessity in order to relieve the pressure on families who have sons suffering from a miserable existence in prison, indicating that « the General Amnesty Law sent by the government it has a lot of notes were held seminars and hosting many of the officials of the Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Council and others to see the details «.

and the Touran, that there is imprisoned years ago were not brought before the courts and it is a clear violation of the Constitution and the law, as well as that this law will contribute to the promotion of national reconciliation among the Iraqi people.

He added that the legal committee with no release of hands are stained with the blood of the sons of the people, as well , but remains imprisoned his confessions were extracted under duress or torture, noting that the committee made ​​strides in this law.

The deputy expressed hope, adopt the law at the beginning of the new legislative term although there are objections from some blocks it.

In turn, said a member of the committee MP, Salim Shawqi, that the draft of the amnesty law has priority for approval at the resumption of the work of the Council of Representatives, stating that the law was less strongly to vote but parliament division , which recently received the Council and disrupt the work of the Council led to delay approval.

he said Shawki in a press statement: that there is disagreement seats in the paragraphs of the law the re - trial on the cases secret Palmbr and recognition of the other accused person as well as coerced confession, explaining that this dispute has been cordoned off, and the law currently in the stage of voting and awaiting approval.