4 hordes of clans Mosul play the role of "spearhead" but without funding and arming

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Baghdad / Wael blessing

After a surprise visit by Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri to Arbil, directed towards Makhmour actually 45 km west of the capital of the Kurdistan region, and about 50 km from Mosul. The city and includes Ninawa Operations Command headquarters in addition to camps for displaced people Almousel.otota visit to a drunk in conjunction with the arrival of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, who is following the start of liberalization Qayyarah process of axial drunk and Alherquat.okan Obeidi announced early last week the start of the second page of the release of Mosul, the process of bidding farewell to the military cuts It headed toward the city of Tikrit Sharqat.
While the joint forces announced, on Friday, raising the Iraqi flag over the building hand Makhoul northern Salahuddin, the progress of the axis of drunken faced a slowdown after the leakage of a military plan to take control of an air base in order to use a starting point for the process of liberalization of Mosul.
In the meantime, the local government in Nineveh facing a real crisis in managing ordered eight thousand displaced people living in the camp, located between the drunk and Qayyarah, which is witnessing military operations. This is further aggravated on the Iraqi-Syrian border, where there is another camp for the displaced people of Mosul, who tried to get to the Kurdistan region through Syrian territory.
The arrival of "Spyker police"
And entered the military operations in southern Mosul boycotted the third day without any progress, because of the leak of military details of the plan.
But Ali Khader, a member of the Nineveh provincial council for Renaissance block, expected to resume operations in the coming hours. He guessed in contact with the (range) yesterday, to arrive within hours three regiments of Nineveh police, who trained in Spyker to assign troops.
For more than 11 years continues regiment of Nineveh police trained in the Speicher base. And Ali Khader near to join the regiment fourth Balqtat in the coming days after outfitted completed.
The joint forces and decided to stop in areas near Qayyarah hand, waiting to join those forces to grab land, accused officials in Mosul, the interior minister of obstructing police regiments enrollment led operations in Nineveh drunk.
Political visit!
David expects a soldier, a member of the security committee in the Nineveh provincial council, said that the visit of the president of parliament Ninawa Operations Command a link halt operations, although the visit was "undeclared."
He said a soldier, told the (range), saying "I did not inform the provincial council for a visit to the al-Jubouri, a drunk," adding, "If the visit was to belong to the displaced visited us in the provincial council headquarters in Dohuk alternative, but this did not happen."
Local official also pointed out that "the Council of Nineveh province are expected from the al-Jubouri, an explanation of the reason for his visit to a drunk, he would also like to see the Security Committee in the House Nineveh operations command headquarters."
Members of the bloc Renaissance is close to the speaker of parliament, said that the last he met in Arbil before going to a drunk, and having conducted a visit to the "Depkh" camp. And eating a meeting with al-Jubouri talk about displaced people and military operations Revival bloc members.
The head of the House of Representatives, yesterday, at a press conference held at the Nineveh operations command headquarters before Ikhalih journalists after the arrival of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, the operational headquarters, said that "this visit was to provide the necessary supplies for the fighters."
Pointing out that he "must take the time to complete the victory requirements without investing overlook the case of refraction experienced by the organization Daash terrorist."
Breakfast in Irbil hotels
Conversely, officials in Mosul, the face of criticism to the Speaker of Parliament, describing his visit to the drunken "political and aims to support the Islamic Party," deploring not bothered to put the displaced.
He says Abdulrahman Olokua member of the Nineveh provincial council, (range), that "al-Jubouri, there had been no grant for displaced people or a project to establish a new camp, but leave us breakfast calls in an upscale hotel in Arbil."
He explained that Olokua "call breakfast and sent to politicians and Almqren of some tribal leaders beneficiaries Jubouri Party," he said, adding that he and some Senate refused to meet them. "Shame of the displaced."
And he noted a member of the Nineveh provincial council that "the number of displaced has now reached eight thousand of those who recently fled after the start of operations south of Mosul," stressing that "their situation humanitarian very difficult because of the heat and thirst, and the lack of aid."
Government Nineveh, seeking to turn (Depkh) camp, which is located midway between the drunk and Qayyarah, a transit station from which to move the displaced to Kirkuk, Arbil and Baghdad, after obtaining the required approvals.
But not getting displaced people in the camp, but the meals are limited food provided by the UAE Red Crescent Society, and some of the UAE's humanitarian organizations.
Olokua says that "the governor of Nineveh province bought on his own account some tents for the displaced." Agriculture Minister Falah Zaidan, who is in the region since the moment the starting Qayyarah editing operations also contributed, to send water and food to the displaced.
"Sphinx" border camp
He revealed Ali Khader, a member of the Nineveh provincial council, for the presence of some five thousand families in the (Hol camp) between the Syrian - Iraqi border in the countryside of eastern Hasaka.
The United Nations has set up a camp to shelter fleeing Mosul through Syrian territory after closing regulation Daash out of the city outlets.
Reveals Khadr for "the existence of 145 people stuck now between Syria and the province of Dohuk after he left the Hol refugee camp and tried to enter the Kurdistan region. And caused political differences between the two factions Kurdish preventing displaced people from entering the territory or return to the camp. Speaks local administrator for the presence of displaced people trapped between Mosul and Kirkuk for administrative reasons.
He praised a member of the Nineveh provincial council to "professional" military operations in Qayyarah, asserting that "the lack of any violation against civilians." He says, "It's the first time in the history of warfare that the fugitive from the battle comes toward the source of fire forces and not vice versa," adding that "this evidence of the confidence of the population forces liberated addition to a clan with the security forces."
Crowds clan
And fighting the sons of the tribes (the flames, Jabour, and Sbaaoyen) ahead of the liberalization of Nineveh, last March, Daash in southern Mosul areas.
The Falah Zaidan, Minister of Agriculture and tribal flames, according to Abdul Rahman Olokua, a representative of the provincial council in Nineveh operations command, to "support the crowd of his own tribe with money and weapons as well." And gets about 1,200 fighters of the clan and tribal flames on the other intermittent salaries, and donations originating parents.
The local administrator confirms that "the sons of the crowd arming tribal Terrible, is less than the level of arming the police."
Those clans and play the role of "spearhead" in a drunken loggers and Qayyarah, but Atktefi process caught the ground, according to people close to the military operations.
And descended more fighters, most of whom are former associates in the army and police, to spend Sharqat joined the crowd clan after Daash occupied areas in the summer of 2014 and received the fighters trained by US and Iraqi forces in the past months.
He revealed Olokua for "near post new crowd of the Jabour tribe in the liberation of Qayyarah operations", estimated many of its members by about 800 fighters.