The central bank does not exist for the fifty thousand fake currency

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Economy News / Baghdad

CBI stressed that it does not exist for the fifty thousand fake currency , stressing that such a neat category and it is easy to detect, and that the forgery process is limited.

The general director of version cupboards Abdul Abbas Khalaf told a news briefing I followed the "Economy News", the currency can Tzivera, and all currencies in the world are exposed to fraud, explaining with the start of the issuance of the 50 categories thousand dinars , we have organized a media campaign, to illustrate the evolving security standards in banknote citizens and dealers on currency traders , whether citizens or knowledge of these security specifications in the currency to be examined.

He said unfortunately there is no culture of acquisition currency scanners among the citizens, and the owners of the shops and malls and assumed that these devices rely especially since most of the nations of the world examine the currency in commercial centers

We contracted with international companies for the printing of currency, including the companies that prints the euro, pointing out that there is a cash deal can pass through fake currencies and the security agencies, the need to combat economic crime and through the presence of markets and field track fraud and scaled gangs

He said either the central bank does not have to follow the currency in the market but it is a version of a currency with high quality, and that the counterfeiting process is very limited for the currency, noting that counterfeit currency reveal once seen look Tvhsah simple and can be easily spotted being not completely identical to the original currency, if people are to Taamilon in the market can detect, urging citizens to examine the currency , especially when receiving large amounts of cash packages.

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