Jaafari review with Jones, the security and political developments

Search with the Greek Ambassador to facilitate the granting of visas
BAGHDAD - morning
accept Foreign Minister , Dr. Ibrahim al - Jaafari , with the US Ambassador to Baghdad , Stuart Jones, the meeting reviewed the progress of bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington, while Foreign Minister, Ibrahim al - Jaafari, with the Greek Ambassador Iraq, Dionysius Kevito ways to open more prospects of joint cooperation between the two countries.
a statement by the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, said al - Jaafari discussed with Jones security developments, political, and the war against "Daash" terrorist, and applauded the victories by the Iraqis achieved in the war against terrorism , gangs, and the efforts of the coalition international to provide humanitarian service and financial support and assist Iraq in the reconstruction of liberated areas, the return of displaced people to their home areas. On the other hand , "eighth - Jaafari during a meeting with the Greek ambassador to Iraq, Dionysius Kevitus, the positions of Greece in support of Iraq in various fields, especially in the area of the fight against" Daash "gangs of terror."
He said al - Jaafari, said that "Iraqis are making consecutive victories against the terrorists , " Daash " and that these victories are a victory for the whole world against terrorism, because Iraq is fighting in defense of its sovereignty, and dignity, and on behalf of all the countries of the world . "for his part, Kevitus, that his country" will vote on the inclusion of Iraq 's archaeological sites on the world Heritage list, and to help re - effects stolen Iraq, pointing out that his country 's embassy opened a consular section in Baghdad to facilitate the granting of visas , "Visa", and receive Iraqis wishing to visit Greece, carrying a message from his country 's foreign minister include a request for a visit to Iraq in the coming period to discuss the prospects of joint cooperation between the two countries. http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=118877