Soon .. Parliament will vote on the amnesty law

06/25/2016 12:24
An Iraqi affair
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BAGHDAD / Babylon 24 / .. Parliamentary Legal Committee announced on Saturday that the draft of the amnesty laws that have priority in the House bill, noting that he would approve the resumption of the Council.

A member of the committee MP Salim Chawki in an interview seen / Babylon 24 / him "The draft of the amnesty law has priority for approval at the resumption of the work of the House of Representatives," noting that "the law was less strongly to a vote, but the parliamentary division, which recently received the Council and disrupt the work of the Council led to delay the approval. "

He added that "there is disagreement within the parliamentary paragraphs of the law relating to the re-trial of their cases secret Palmbr and recognition of another accused person, as well as coerced confession," explaining that "this dispute has been cordoned off, and the law currently in the stage of voting and waiting for approval."

The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri confirmed, earlier, that the Parliament is close to the legislation draft general amnesty law.