Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah announced that he answered the request from "Iraq fighters" to send immediate help from Hezbollah, a number of cadres and leadership, while pointing out that he has to meet the demand "within hours."
Nasrallah said in a speech marking the fortieth said Mustafa Badr al-Din I followed the "free event" that "Iraq fighters demanded immediate help from Hezbollah, a certain number of its cadres and its leaders," adding, "it was to meet this demand and appeal within hours."+
He pointed to "the presence of Arab satellite channels defends Daash and fighting at his side through the incitement and sedition," while He saluted to Sunni politicians and Sunni scholars who thwarted the efforts of what he described as "Afattanin demons in the battle of Fallujah."
Nasrallah accused some Arab states to continue their role aimed at "continuing strife in Syria," he said. "Today things have become much about what went on in the past, Syria better, thanks to the sacrifices made by the Syrian forces and the resistance to its side.
He revealed the decision of a regional SAR - Turkish sending thousands of terrorists to the north of Aleppo in Syria in order to control them.
Nasrallah confirmed the existence of a large number of cadres of Hezbollah in Aleppo, noting that "the presence of the parties are trying to invent lying about resistance losses there.
He noted that the loss of the resistance reached since the beginning of this month, 26 martyrs and one prisoner and missing compared to the deaths of 617 militants, including dozens of leaders and wounded 800 of them and damaged 80 mechanism and a tank for them, "accusing the armed groups to" exploit the cease-fire and armistice of treachery fighters resistance.
And the collapse there in front of the militants and the US intervention and pressure on the Russian side for a ceasefire in Aleppo, stressing the need to survive and presence significantly in Aleppo as a matter needed to bring down the conspiracy targeting Syria and the region.
He pointed out that "the resistance men in the July war against the Zionist entity will fall atonement and hegemony projects, stressing that the resistance to defend Lebanon and its security and its future and fate, because he can not dismantle it all about the events of the region.