Twilight News / threatened "League of the Righteous," one of the armed factions were part of the popular crowd on Saturday objecting to the participation of the crowd in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul, declaring that military preparations are under way for the crowd to fight back the town from the grip of the terrorist organization Daash.
A spokesman for the "Alasaib" Jawad Tlabawi in a statement, "The military preparations are in full swing and a rare high vigor, which is ready, began to Soltha, to liberate Mosul of al Daash."
He added that "to be legitimate, national and moral imperative we edit Mosul, and an end to the suffering of the people of Mosul, the return of the people of Tal Afar, and Nineveh Plain to their areas after the elimination of" regulation.
He threatened Tlabawi saying that "those who object to the participation of factions of the crowd in the popular sacred liberation battles crush pedicure not only himself to blame."