Saleh: The government is moving forward with its project of reform

6/25/2016 0:00

In its quest to build the institutions more efficient
BAGHDAD - morning , an
official in the executive branch revealed adopt a government strategy of reform to address the imbalance in the structure of the state and the fight against corruption that has spread due to lax performance Aloajpat.marba confidence in its success, describing it as complete approach to comprehensive reform adopted by the state to achieve stability, development and reconstruction and the restoration of statehood «.

oovad it includes taking inter measures and decisions include the political structure and the sectors of financial, administrative and service economy, expressing confidence in its success, describing it as the completion of a draft comprehensive reform adopted by the government and passed by the House of Representatives to achieve stability and application requirements of sustainable development and the reconstruction of Iraq and the restoration of statehood.

economic Adviser to the Prime Minister emphasized the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview with «morning» , saying that
the new strategy aims to undertake a comprehensive and fundamental reform to address the imbalance in the administrative organs of the State and the structure of its institutions for the advancement of economic, security and political aspects referring to the government to take effective steps to change the number of officials and the development of or cancellation of functional positions to activate the supervisory role and activation management systems in the state with all its joints circles.

He said «that the executive authority proceeded to take actions and decisions of a« continuous »make the changes as part of the reform project and to support and rebuild state institutions and Trchinha to become more efficient as well work according to the program to reduce obstacles and bureaucracy in government departments and make it less complicated to the needs of citizens and to reduce corruption and parallel those steps came announcing orders change and the transfer of a number of banks , managers and inspectors general ».

between« there is a government motionless for greater involvement by the international community to support Iraq in its war against stressing terrorism it 's an important step that reflects the extent of Iraq 's interaction with countries in the region and support the world to him in the war being waged against Aldoaash » .

in a related context , Saleh explained the objections of the international Monetary Fund on the great disparity between workers in the public sector employees ' salaries prompted the government to re - activate the system tax settling accounts to cover the first grade and the second up staff and senior officials of the two agents, ministers, advisers and the three presidencies and the deduction of tax rate of 7-15 percent of the total salary executives, according to provisions indicating that he will include only 10 percent of state employees ».

fima stressed that under the Income tax Act, all taxpayer shall be subject to the tax settling accounts with some exceptions procedures such as marital allocations and children , pointing out that the Council of Ministers has already suspended the tax Balthacb allocations in 2010, and more than the last salary twice in terms of salaries total staff »He continued favor: the« staff of the class third down and who make up 90 percent will not be subject to this tax and settling accounts remain the case as it is for their salaries », stressing that« also excluded from the tax settling accounts of the armed forces fighting Daash terrorist gangs ».