Industry resume production of urea fertilizers and agriculture stresses: 6-24
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Thread: Industry resume production of urea fertilizers and agriculture stresses: 6-24

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    Industry resume production of urea fertilizers and agriculture stresses: 6-24

    Industry resume production of fertilizers and agriculture stresses: doesn't meet our needs.

    2016/06/23 (00:01 pm) - hits: 186 - number (3679)

     Baghdad/muhannad Jawad

    Iraq's industry and minerals Ministry announced Wednesday, ready for marketing of urea production thousand tons a day through the Ministry of agriculture and affordable "imported" competition, with the Ministry of agriculture confirmed that domestic fertilizer "did not meet the full requirements," noted that "prices" approach to the importer.

    spokesperson said the Ministry of industry and minerals Abdul Wahid al-shammari, told the (long press), "the rehabilitated and operating plants chemical fertilizer company in Basra by a loan granted by the Japanese Government," Stating that the company owns pace card 2000 tons per day, and one was restarted while efforts continue to run II ".

    He added that the company "Al shamari, ready to meet the need of the Ministry of Agriculture of fertilizer and price you see fit to compete with the importer," he said, adding that "the Ministry agreed with agriculture on fertilizer marketing it exclusively."

    He continued "the Ministry informed alshammari, agriculture, it will sell its production of urea in the local market then apologized for buy it", but by saying "but the Ministry wishes is marketed exclusively through agriculture".

    Alshammari, confirmed that the Ministry can insure domestic demand of fertilizer if opened for investment in chemical fertilizer plant in Basra to establish new lines, "pointing out that" the company has a large area of land would allow it to expand.

    "technical agent said the USDA Mahdi Al-Qaisi, the ligature (long press)," the contract with industry to buy urea on according to the conditions and specifications and prices, forPointing out that "buying fertilizer depends on financial allocation by shortening farm plan.

    " he said kaissi, the production of the Ministry of industry and minerals from manure does not meet the needs of agriculture, and the agriculture industry of fertilizer purchased by parallel importing for prices, "Al-Qaisi, the composting industry to" provided to the Ministry and other complications itbs burdens.

    "and the General fertilizer industry company were affiliated to the Ministry of industry and minerals, announced (14 June 2016), production of 1000 tons per day of urea, And confirmed its quest to multiply production capacities to meet the needs of the country after the restart line one in Basra, while fertilizer plants showed that production of urea is marketed to the Ministry of agriculture.

    The General company for southern fertilizer to the Ministry of industry and minerals declared early January 2016, a plan to develop and increase in urea production realities "white gold" to 1250 tons a day, and invited to authorize broader industrial companies departments allow them to qualify their installations to maintain its permanency, provincial Council, that has a plan to support local industrial enterprises to diversify the national economy.

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