{Baghdad} Euphrates News security forces killed a number of terrorists Daash gangs, during ongoing operations in different axes within the Baghdad Operations Command emphatically.
A statement by the Baghdad Operations Command, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that " the strength of the leadership of the operations headquarters west of Baghdad, was able to handle 45 of an explosive device, while the managed segments band 14 killed five terrorists, and address 20 of an explosive device, west of Baghdad . " .
He added that " the flight of the international coalition was able to carry out two air strikes within boycotted Fallujah, resulting in: killed four terrorists and wounded two others, and the destruction of two boats loaded with weapons and food and the killing of two west of Baghdad , " adding that " the strength of the regiment second Brigade 9 was able find six rockets and five mortar rounds into Zoba region. "
the statement continued that" the strength of the first regiment in the brigade 23 managed based on intelligence information, to deal with two bombs, destroying Amadaftan of the enemy, and destroy amassed weapons, within the west of Baghdad , the contextual zone " .
He pointed out that " the strength of the first regiment brigade 55. based on intelligence was able to inspect Aharkkawi area and the results were found on an explosive belt, and 247 hand grenade and rifle Kalashnikov, three thermal pomegranates and pomegranate launcher, while managed to force the second group Maj 25 found four explosive devices ready for detonation, ammunition and six containers, and various other materials, among Mr. Abdullah area in Yusufiya , south of Baghdad , ".anthy