By (5) billion dinars .. scandal caliber in the Municipality of Baghdad .. New Accessories stolen Treasury

23/6/2016 Post Views: 85

It revealed a private sources (new evidence) from the financial scandal is stealing (5) billion dinars from the treasury of the Municipality of Baghdad by an employee in the Administrative and Financial Department and being able to escape.

The sources added that this employee is a duplicate of a story that dared Accessories on the Treasury Secretariat of Baghdad, but strenuous efforts were made to bring it back to the country and to recover part of the amount.

The sources confirmed that behind (New Accessories) stands gang specialized and influential and statements preliminary referring to the $ 5 billion dinars, but the fact that the amount of the weakness may be a great Zlk.owalsaal:

If the secretary of Baghdad, former Sabir al-Issawi had submitted his resignation on the background of the incident Accessories the first, but was rejected by Mr. former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is security Baghdad, the current will submit its resignation ..

what is the work of the administrative agent and reveals the truth about whales who planned and carried out the crime and whether will reveal the names of public opinion, or will it in a way (Tmtmh).