The agreement with al-Abadi to solve the problematic application of the law, "21" average

23/06/2016 21:02

Najaf / tomorrow Press: The president of the Council of Najaf province, the agency Mohamed Zaini, on Thursday, it was agreed with the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, to solve the dilemmas of application of the law of 21 provinces.

Zinni said, in a statement received "Tomorrow Press" copy of it, " the private atheist tenth meeting Authority coordinating Supreme provinces is affiliated province, which was held on the evening of Wednesday, in the province of Najaf and attended by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, and many board chairmen and governors of the provinces is internalized province came out with several recommendations, Abadi promised implemented soon."

He added , said that "many of the problems and obstacles caused by some ministries prevent the application of provincial non - affiliated law province average, which led to obstruct and delay the transfer of powers guaranteed by this law to the provinces , particularly ministries of sports and youth, health, agriculture, education, financial and municipalities."

He explained that " openness Abadi and its interaction with the suffering of the councils and local governments because of this situation has given hope for the possibility of solving all the problems in the near future term, "adding that" Abadi instructed worthwhile health situation dismantling private suites popular clinics link and make revenues back to the Health Directorate to maintain the development of imports and the purchase of medicines and supplies health that suffers from a significant shortage now. "