A military official: rapid progress in Falluja , exposing the weaknesses of defenses militants Daash



On the seventeenth of June, and the Iraqi forces arrived on the city of Fallujah, the center of achieving a major victory on Daash group that remained in control of the city for more than two years.

Fallujah has always been a stronghold of the feelings of anti-government since the fall of Saddam's regime in 2003. That's why the Iraqi forces faced a difficult time in breach defenses Daash, although the result is a victory is certain, where pierced the difficult episode troops easily applied and speed, despite the continuation of the fighting so far.

In the twenty-third of last May, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the start of the process of Fallujah, and as in previous campaigns Iraqi forces began work on clearing the surrounding areas such as the city's first vine freed on 23 May.

During the seven days of the gold band began its offensive on the southern part of Fallujah, after and during the 17 days the band was the center of town for the emancipation of the government complex. Although the northern part of the city was still under the control of Daash, it was so amazing progress in less than a month.

The previous effort to liberate the city of Ramadi more clash where he started on the second of August, Iraqi forces and it took two months to get to the city center has not been announced for the liberation of the city until the beginning of February 2016, there are Iraqi forces went through a lot of small towns surrounding the city before they can attack the areas big therein.

He was expected to repeat the experiment in Fallujah because of the length of the stay Daash which is given enough time to plant landmines and build bunkers, tunnels and so on, but things went much easier.

Part of the reason is the evolution of the Iraqi forces and tactics to attack the city centers, where the forces mastered how to support their wings driven through the streets using bulldozers to build berms to protect themselves from car bombs.

He said the process captain Abdul Wahab al-Saadi said the Iraqi forces were able to take out fighters from their hideouts Daash to be subjected to air strikes, at the same time it seems that the defenses of the extremists were not as strong as is the case in previous battles.

He said a sergeant major of the golden band not having a lot of booby-trapped houses in Fallujah as they were in gray, and this explains the rapid progress of troops inside the city.

Stays in front of the Iraqi forces, a lot of fighting, where the northern part of Fallujah is still under the control of Daash, but the speed of progress suggest that the restoration of the rest of the city will be quick, as happened in the southern part.

This is an amazing victory for Baghdad and a humiliating defeat for Daash. Next big issue is how to rebuild the city at a time when the Iraqi government does not have the money to do anything in addition to the restoration of basic services.

An Iraqi military commander said Iraqi troops advancing, with the support of the United States, toward a stronghold of extremists in the western regions, where Fallujah is expected to be the last attack to restore the city in that region.

Announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, last Friday, to achieve victory in the city after Iraqi forces had reached the city center, but one of the officials in the international coalition said on Sunday that the Iraqi forces seized so far only half of the city.

And entered Fallujah operation Monday its fourth week, the fighting has forced more than 85 thousand people to flee to government camps. Iraqi forces are still exposed to shootings and suicide bombings, mortar attacks and faces the gunmen north of a road that runs through the city.

He said the process captain Abdul Wahab al-Saadi, from the interim leadership site south of Fallujah, said the armed police units with heavy weapons is pressing toward the Golan area northwest of the city, "the biggest effort now is focused on the western axis, if fighters collapsed Daash there and went our troops to the Golan will hear more from launch fire inside Fallujah. "

He added that the strength of the anti-terrorism fighting a group Daash in the neighborhood of the officers of the alliance airstrikes Sunday killed 50 militants there killed while at least 15 others during clashes.

Army troops moving north from the police district north of the city has not yet Aljughaifi intervention area, while advancing units of the Baghdad Operations Command, the military district in the east.

He said al-Saadi said that the fight will end soon and that most of the militants, including a few hundred foreign fighters, have been killed or captured as they tried to escape with civilians, while cited only six of counter-terrorism forces.

In Fallujah, torn apart by violence and fighting between al-Qaida and the Americans and then with the Iraqi forces, it is difficult to ascertain the extent of the damage caused by the recent fighting. However it seems that the recent round of fighting has claimed the lives of the few compared to previous campaigns, including the Battle of Ramadi restore six months ago.

Fallujah and suffered fewer air strikes, and the rapid progress of Iraqi forces into the city center over the past week suggests that Daash been cultivated a lot of explosive ways.

Saadi team also estimated the infrastructure damage at less than five percent. Have not been searching houses for explosives, so far, a process likely to delay the return of displaced persons.

According to government forces on Monday that the main hospital - the insurgent stronghold besieged troops the day before - may partly burned, but free of the traps was not harboring suicide bombers, as was expected. Police also found during the inspection of the hospital the body of an unidentified and buried the body of a Daash fighters.