Young launches granting athletes heroes and pioneers before the Eid al-Fitr
confirmed that the Ministry of Youth and Sports delivery athletes heroes and pioneers grant for the month of June the end of next week, after he completed the Department of Finance all administrative procedures to them.
The general director of the Department of Finance on behalf of al - Saadi said in a statement the Ministry of Youth Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Thursday that "the Minister of Youth and Sports , Abdul - Hussein Abtan stressed his keenness to grant entitlements athletes heroes and pioneers for the month of June before the Eid al - Fitr after the face Bostnfar efforts of staff in the Department of Finance , "noting that" the grant of receipt will be next Wednesday and through the three ports , a MasterCard and ironing Card in addition to the direct receipt of the financial section for those who do not have ironing card or MasterCard. "
He said al - Saadi, the ministry 's keenness on providing benefits athletes heroes and pioneers, which The less everything possible to provide for this segment of the door to fulfill its stated debt after he served the Iraqi sport throughout the years and raised the name of Iraq high above the crowning achievement platforms.