Integrity Commission announces follow-up to file inflated the wealth of government officials
at 11:02 (Baghdad time)
BAGHDAD - balances News
Conducted of the board of Integrity Investigation teams, Thursday, (158) Miscellaneous effective during the month of April, which followed inflation senior government officials and the wealth levels of rampant corruption in some government institutions, as well as monitor the behavior of public servants with the reviewers.
According Prevention Department at the Authority in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that "Astqsaiaaha carried out during the last month (93) visit to the Banks governmental and private circuits Traffic and Land Registration Bureau and the Registrar of Companies and the Iraqi market for securities group; to match the installed information disclosed receivables forms Finance provided to them by government officials charged with the duty to disclose their financial interests with payments and deposits and real estate, stocks, bonds and wheels deposited and recorded in those banks, departments and agencies, "adding that" the number of taxpayers who have been research and investigation and matching their assets amounted during the past month (435) expensive " .
The circle to "do its teams to (15) visit included the board of Media and Communications and the Office of the Inspector General in the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals; to assess the performance of its staff level and way of dealing with the auditors, and the extent of their commitment to the lists of job behavior, pointing out that the visits were distributed among the formations and the departments affiliated to the ministry ".
As anti-bribery Division in the department carried out during the last month (19) field visit included the auspices of the martyrs Department, and the Office of the Inspector General at the Ministry of Interior, the General Authority for taxes, and the Office of the Inspector General at the Ministry of Finance and the Directorate of achieving Baghdad of the board. It ended 29/4 9%86-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AD%D9%83%D9%88%D9%85%D9%8A%D9%86/%D8%B3%D9%8A%D8%A7%D8%B3%D9%8A%D8%A9