Parliamentary Finance: Iraq crisis will exceed this year if oil prices remain at 50 dollars
parliamentary finance committee, he said that Iraq could exceed the financial Dhaigueth for this year if oil prices continued on the $ 50 a barrel.
According to the Commission decision of Ahmed al - Haj told all of Iraq [where] on Wednesday that " the price of Brent different from the Iraqi price of seven dollars to the lack of light and heavy , where light is different from five dollars and heavy about nine dollars and average seven dollars type , " noting that "if it has reached the price of oil to $ 52 Brent or $ 51 for crude Texas Iraq Visttia be sold as determined by the budget of $ 45. "
he added," the month of May exports totaled 2.9 million to 3 million barrels per day at an average price of $ 37 a barrel. "
he pointed Hajj that " in the case stayed Iraq on this export will pass peacefully this year of financial distress , "noting that" Iraq needs to increase Erdath through taxes and other resources. "
the Ministry of oil has announced the first Tuesday of the decline in Iraq 's oil exports during the month of may, reaching 99 million and 200 000 barrel less than the 1.716 million barrels from the total exports for the month of April the previous year and amounted quantities 100.916 million barrels.
but the May revenue was the highest since the beginning of 2016 , according to the ministry reaching 3 billion and 748 million dollars , "adding that" the price of a barrel averaged $ 37 . "
Iraq is going through a financial crisis due to falling oil prices , which constitutes 90% of the public budget is paid to borrow from the international Monetary Fund and the World Bank and earned them about $ 15 billion received by over three years.