Parliament reveals the participation of "political wing" of the government Daash

Thursday 23 June 2016 | 19:02
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BAGHDAD / .. MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod, Thursday, on the participation of the political wing of the terrorist organization Daash in the Iraqi government, calling for the investigation of smuggling terrorists from the city of Fallujah by the Planning Minister Salman Jumaili.

He Chihod's "Eye of Iraq News," "The Iraqi government and the House of Representatives are called upon to form an investigative committee on the receipt of leaks indicate the Planning Minister Salman Jumaili smuggling terrorists from the city of Fallujah," stressing "the need to keep the investigative committee from quotas and courtesies."

He said the "leak of such a serious information which might be something of Health and must be investigated in this file is important and the risk to see the supporting actors to Daash," explaining that "Daash has the military, media and political and final post in the Iraqi government wings and must be exposed and debunked."

And published by some media reports that Planning Minister Salman Jumaili smuggling a number of prominent terrorists from civilian Fallujah during his visit her battles Altharir.anthy 5