Urgent :: Integrity issued two gi terrorists the former director of the rafidain bank for his embezzlement is more than 24 billion dinars


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Service was reported in the investigations. You are a woman of integrity with you two I'm gone. You are the director of the rafidain bank...

- former branch jalawla; to him my crime embezzlement and damage to the use of you. With the benefit of you. That works.

She explained that the service had been convicted. The fugitive. (p. R. P) provided during his job at the government's position on the commission of a crime...

The amount of embezzlement. Appreciate it. (24,335,538.000) billion dinars from the funds of the bank, you also owe a case of other events. Intentional damage You have the interest of the works through you.

You have the salaries of you retirees under you a scrap of paper, and not under your official lists.

I suggest that the details of my case to court to issue you your felonies diyala. Sentenced in absentia for fugitive convicted you. In Case the first you spend in jail you d. About ten years.

And you, his money and other movable. You transferred, based on the provisions of your stuff. 315 of the penal law; to sihi more than 24 billion and a quarter of a billion. Who funds your bank..

LED the recommendations of the committee. In the office of the investigative. The Inspector General. The Rafidain Bank-investigation you steal money from a huge branches in the provinces of Nineveh.

Salahaddin and anbar, diyala and kirkuk to you The escaped convict you. R. P) to justice by way of the woman you are your integrity you after you proved you shorten him; be the bank didn't haven't any theft, and confirmed by the convicted you secret you misappropriated funds. The Bank.

That was in his custody.

And issued with a court sentenced in absentia in another convict you. R. P) spend in jail you seven years. According to the provisions of your stuff. 340 penalties; affirmation of his events. the collateral damage to use da so you side which works, and that the disbursement Him during his job position with the amount of (4,063,646,769) four billion, three-six million, six hundred and forty-six thousand and nine hundred and sixty dinars as salary. Retirees, unlike the regulations and instructions