IMF: Britain's exit from the European Union will boost the dollar

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Director of the International Monetary Fund, said Christine Lagarde, probably Britain's exit from the European Union, will enhance the value of the national currency ".

Lagarde said that "Britain's possible exit from the European Union will have some impact on the economy of the United States. For example, affect trade, but more on financial assistance, this is the real impact. "

Her comments came as identical to the concerns expressed by the Director of the US Federal Reserve system, Janet Yellen, earlier, and that funders will use the dollar as "port lifeboat" acceleration of financial flow conversion to dollars and will increase the demand for dollars to raise its value to other currencies, which makes American goods not competitive compared to other countries goods in world markets.

The British will travel Thursday to cast ballots in the referendum on the survival or exit of Britain from the European Union, which has a membership of 28 States, amid warnings by world leaders, investors and companies to reduce Britain's influence, exit decision on political and economic levels, and could cause turmoil in the markets, it will have effects throughout the Western world. over 29/4 e