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denied the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to call Algeria 's ambassador to Iraq , Abdul Rahman Hamid al - Husseini.
The spokesman said Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Jamal in a press statement that " the ministry denies reports by the media about calling Algeria to the Ambassador of Baghdad has," stressing that " the Algerian Foreign failed to summon the Iraqi ambassador has and what promotes is part of a media campaign fabricated trying to target Iraq 's embassy in Republic of Algeria. "
He stressed that" the Iraqi embassies around the world do not publish Shiism or any doctrine or religious orientation. "
Jamal explained that" the embassies of Baghdad abroad on diplomatic and consular relations and to develop bilateral relations with the countries of the world, and it is linked to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry , which represents the general approach of the State Iraq with all its components and its communities. "
He pointed to" the existence of attempts unjustified behind it certain parties to increase the impact on the Iraqi - Algerian relations , which reached a high degree of maturity, "explaining that" there are some ads published by the embassies of Iraq abroad regarding provision of facilities Algerians or others to citizens who wish to visit the holy sites in Iraq , and that it has nothing to do with the deployment of any doctrine , whether Sunni or Shiite. "
and the Foreign Ministry spokesman, said : " Iraq is seeking to strengthen Iraq 's tourist side, especially religious tourism with the Arabs, "adding that" the announcement posted to facilitate Login to visit religious areas means all existing areas in Iraq , whether to the owners of Sunni or Shiite. " the reports that the Algerian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Iraqi ambassador in Algeria Abdul Rahman Hamid al - Husseini on the background to the claim published by the thought of Shiism in the country.