Parliamentary bloc calling for the unification of the parliamentary elections and the provincial councils and the reduction of their members
{Baghdad} Euphrates News called internalized call in the National Alliance bloc, on Thursday, the House of Representatives to amend the electoral code, and the House of Representatives and provincial council elections at the same time.
He said the block behind the chief Abdul Samad, said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, "We call on the Iraqi parliament to amend the election law and the conduct of the parliament and provincial councils unified elections in the history of the provincial elections in the fourth month of 2017, and not postponed or separated, while ensuring the reduction of the number of members. "
He added , " therefore , we call for the re - drafting of the law to be reducing the numbers, and thus have provided a large money supply the state treasury. "
said Abdul Samad that" this subject has yet to implement a constitutional amendment on Article 49 , first and which stipulated that every one hundred thousand for them to be represented in parliament , "he said . " in the case of the Council voted to reduce the House of Representatives in half , they made ​​a requirement in that article that every two hundred thousand have a representative in the parliament to be members reduced by half in the House and the provinces. "
the , provincial elections were held in 2013, while parliamentary elections were held in 2014, it is due to hold elections after four years each, which is due to the local elections take place next year in 2017, and the legislative in 2018.anthy