A source close to the daughter of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, Raghad, Wednesday, request for approval of local Salahuddin government to enter aid for the displaced.
The source told "Sky Press," that "required the Iraqi judiciary Raghad Saddam Hussein strives to approval by the Government of Salahuddin on the entry of aid to the displaced people," noting that, "the daughter of the former president brokered in parliament to enter this aid, which include good materials and foods, as well as Other materials secret undisclosed yet. "+
The source added, "These measures and negotiate transactions took place through private lawyer Haitham scratching space nations who knew the suspect, which recently increased to Kurdistan and there's trades took place between him and the region to put pressure on the Government of Salahuddin and the introduction of aid."
This demanded the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to hand over Jordanian counterpart exist in Saudi Iraqi figures, accused the Baghdad government of supporting terrorism, money laundering, and on her head a daughter Raghad Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi president.