Twilight News / read in The Daily Telegraph published an article to the fact that Coughlin titled "Putin and the organization of the Islamic state they have no fear of the European Union."
The article said that "British Prime Minister David Cameron and his aides that if Britain voted out of the European Union, the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the organization of the Islamic state will be more welcoming this decision."
He added that "if Russia thought so or other regulations, they are stupid to just think the celebration to leave Britain, the European Union, because Britain regardless of the outcome of the upcoming referendum on the survival of the Union or its withdrawal, the aircraft and special forces and other military figures continue to support Alliance, which the United States led to the destruction of the organization in Syria and Iraq's efforts. "
Carter said "the fall of Fallujah opens a wide door for the Liberation of other cities such as Mosul, the largest city in Iraq, and is considered a stronghold of the terrorist organization."
He concluded by saying that "Britain outside the EU will continue to protect its interests support its NATO allies will not turn its back on Europe, and will work together with its European allies and particularly the French."