Replace al-Maliki claims after the arrival of the political process to a standstill
Replace al-Maliki claims after the arrival of the political process to a standstill

08-04-2012 03:24 PMAre free -

The Iraqi List, saw that the political process 'and come to a standstill and threatens the unity of Iraq', as put forward several points to resolve the outstanding issues and disputes between the political blocs and prevent the return of dictatorship and autocracy.

According to a statement issued by the Iraqi List, that 'the political process has reached a dead end, threaten the unity and the future of Iraq can not be for the National Conference or the other it goes back to the track that were not there sincere intentions based on a true reconciliation and leave the partisan interests and party and go back to the Iraqi people and the fight against the corrupt and the corrupt who wreaked havoc the land '.

The statement said the 'menu you see a return to the logic of reason, wisdom and lack of induction strongly power transient and put national interest above all else, the best solution to ensure no return to dictatorship, to stay away from exclusion and marginalization, procrastination and commitment to the pledges and agreements, particularly the agreement of Arbil, which created the current government '.

The statement added that he 'must stand at the same distance from all national entities and the protection of all the political entities participating in the political process and the protection of its members and their headquarters', noting that 'condemns the targeting of Iraq's recent long the headquarters of the National Accord Movement in Karbala'.

The statement continued that the 'guarantee of democracy is to stay away from interfering in the judiciary and the work on the independence and end the file of the detainees who have not been found guilty prosecuted and detained without a warrant and prisoners of conscience and accountability for negligence and to allow international institutions to visit prisons and detention centers and look at the conditions of detainees as well as restructuring and link configurations security problem outside framework of the law '.

The statement noted that the 'entitlement to a popular Baghdad summit for all Iraqis, and record our reservations on all practices leading up to the summit of the interests of disabled people and the arrest of citizens at random, and emphasize the need to continue with its Arab Iraq'.

In a related context demanded the list «Iraq», block «National Alliance» choosing a replacement for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as leader of the «Iraq» Ahmed electrodes in a statement to the newspaper «life» that «after the failure of the National Congress because of lack of seriousness of the brothers in the State of Law Coalition (Maliki), the National Alliance to submit a new candidate for prime minister to save the political process from collapse ».

He added that «Iraq does not have any problem in the coalition to put forward any personal, non-Maliki», and added that «the candidate must be a consensus».

And the actions to be taken by «Iraq» If you did not provide an alternative candidate, only electrodes by saying that «it will lead to the collapse of the political process».