International Partnership for the locomotive Estmarat 6-21
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Thread: International Partnership for the locomotive Estmarat 6-21

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    International Partnership for the locomotive Estmarat 6-21

    International Partnership for the locomotive Estmarat

    6/22/2016 0:00

    Thamer Alheims
    still investing knocking on the doors, the local, regional and international knocked on the door so we note that signs of a farmer in sight, although the enemies of the investment of the corrupt and ╗Doaash╗.

    What raises optimism boosts hope at the beginning of the real foreign investment in the country, the province of Diwaniyah signed a memorandum of understanding with the Spanish company for the implementation of industrial projects and electric, residential and oil systems security and e-government.

    There is no doubt that this understanding vector for the formulation of long - term contracts, the benefit summed expel corruption from access to these engagements, Fsharkp (Spanish Anfeinma) will work and contract soon to check on the security level and the presence of colostrum free of corruption.
    this depends only on the board and management of the province (Kmkas to their success).

    It is worth mentioning that the Diwaniya are not the only ones that suffer from funding or technological aspects of the problem, but at least honest and where unemployment along with certificates and competencies paid for by the university and institutes annually without exploiting them, in addition to the poverty rate is unusual perhaps preceded Samawa in high percentage.

    As the more than half of the budget goes to salaries of employees of the State there is no hope of funding from this area at this stage.

    the question now is why Atamam this a try and translate understanding into contracts to become the foundation stone for another business in our provinces , both for this company or others from the staid companies to become practical head attracting local and regional money before the partners assured with an international company?

    after countless local financial and regional flow through the currency market and return for documentary credits after adjusting the border gates at least of the same ports provinces hand to protect the agricultural, industrial or tourist projects and as a process of paying the local and regional investor and on this occasion to be noted that the Asian Development Bank to invest in infrastructure, has started its actual activity to do to establish the infrastructure in different continents and powered from the world 's second largest economy (China) is there prevents the handle and deal with it , maybe except objection Monetary Fund or the world Bank have as lenders of Iraq the terms and conditions set in the exceptional circumstances of Iraq.

    the infrastructure of Iraq and our factories and many of our projects , and according to statistics from the Ministry of planning There (9000) draft disabled value ($ 300 billion) and rates implemented between (5 90 percent) not completed in a timely manner and the reason is known in unemployment and underachievement.

    but worthy of the huge number of projects involving infrastructure and industrial projects, agricultural , and tourism , which if carried through, it would serve a lot (of social and economic forces), look at the programs and policies to become of these projects, especially the infrastructure of cross-provinces of projects (electricity railway projects and irrigation methods) to rebuild Mahedmth wars Mnlhmh national.

    There is no doubt that these projects in the state to achieve the proportion of the completion of a limited would be a factor to attract more international companies in a period of global recession are trying to China and others are creating economic efficiency through the support and leadership of the Asian Bank for infrastructures and the regional economy that connects us with trade estimated thirty billion years to Aasah ago that adapts himself to us only through participation our projects
    (nine thousand) except for projects that after the destruction of źDaash╗ long - term contracts contribute to the stability of the economic and security area.

    Once you enter the regional economy, the private sector , the Iraqi immigrant actually begins in the establishment of industries to some of its articles that Atkhmna by dumping and that the case did not last as we noted after the oil crisis , but it would consider Iraqi investors in line with his interests and his own riding in the locomotive Iraqi investment backed regionally and internationally and can be looped out of tune again.

    to conclude that the term contracts pay about programming and planning including rents weaken the role of the oil destined for the payment of bills - term, and that the adoption of these governance Stljm both highly centralized and corruption.

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