MPs call for the Federal Court to quickly decide Bgelsta Parliament

June 21, 2016 8:19
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Parliamentarians called on the Federal Court to expedite the issuance of its decision binding on the different sessions of Parliament in connection therewith, which is experiencing the political process and a clear reluctance by not deciding the legitimacy of the sessions of Admanma.

The Federal Court earlier announced to postpone consideration of the appeal proceedings Bgelsta the House of Representatives to the 28th day of the month of June, and, as pointed out that the experts asked Amhalam until the 26th of the same month to submit their report to the court. National Alliance MP Ali Keywords called on various political blocs and parties within the parliament not to suspend the work of the Council on the decision of the Federal Court.

The importance of the work of parliament

Keywords and said a special speech «morning»: The House of Representatives should continue its work naturally and can objecting blocks waiting for the court decision, and even support for the legitimacy of the blocks could have to wait and be the court's decision is binding for all », adding that there should be a consensus between the blocs a political solution that would satisfy both parties prior to the meetings of the Council and not to wait for the court's decision and confirmed that there was no Keywords there's interest in disrupting a parliament sessions.

The MP for the Reform bloc Mohammed Chihod he expressed the hope that the Federal Court decision in favor of the Iraqi people, noting that its decision to convey the quantum leap the political process as well as verification of the citizens as demanded by the reforms.

He Chihod »Sabah»: The start of the legislative term of the parliament without a court decision would disrupt the work of the Council so we will pressure off the Federal Court resolved its decision in favor of the Iraqi people and not to put themselves stance embarrassing in front of the people who suffered from the many ravages and still suffer under difficult crises have demonstrators came out and protested, demanding the application of attempted reforms.

The integrity of the Iraqi judiciary

He added that there is great pressure exerted on the Federal Court by the other party and from international forces want to go out in different directions, but the great hope for the integrity of the Iraqi judiciary to put the political process as a whole on serious reform, especially as the decision would be binding for all depends upon the future of the political process as a whole, as the approach of quotas ugly can be exceeded or install based on the result of the court's decision, as well as is the promised reforms project.

For his part, Kurdistan Alliance MP Bakhtiyar Shaways parliament put the day depends on the decision of the Federal Court, expected to be resolved Court decision later this month, saying »Sabah»: that everyone is waiting for the court's decision to settle the matter, where the House of Representatives legislative term will begin to exercise its role the required".

He added that the Kurdish blocs did not have any problems to come to Baghdad and to participate in the next legislative term, stressing their keenness to start the functions of Parliament and the work that needs to negotiate and understanding between all the political blocs.

Front reform
The MP for the so-called Front reform Mansour Baaja that there are significant internal and external pressures exerted on the Federal Court by the blocs and parties that see the survival of interests depends on the survival of the Presidency the article, saying in a press release that embarrassing the Federal Court by the front of reform for its evidence and documents irrefutable that the presidency meeting legal and constitutional session, because of the pressure by the second party of the claimants to keep al-Jubouri, which will decide the last decision.

He added that all the documents and evidence that we have provided confirms the constitutionality of our meeting and was on the Federal Court, but are affected by the pressure exerted on them and decide the decision in our favor, as decided by the issue of former MP Mohammed al-Daini it did not refer to the disks and imaging, but relied on the signatures submitted to them, asking the court resolving the matter,

especially as the signatures submitted signatures are alive and there is no deputy of the signatories presented by the objection, noting that the Federal Court is very embarrassing and wait for there to be a compromise between the Al_khasme and not have that matter resolved itself.