Najib: will be voted on international economic agreements soon

June 21, 2016 18:23

Author: alzawraapaper

member said in the economic and investment commission in Parliament that the committee will vote on sending international economic agreements by Aovernmh.opent Najiba Najib said "the economic and investment commission adopted the points that have been proposed as a law of investment , which was in line with the economic vision that her campaign committee , " noting that " for the time being until the initiative to grant loans to small enterprises was a proposal from the Commission on the economy, investment and adopted by the government."

She added that "there are important agreements, Iraq , in dire need of economic openness with the countries, particularly the industrial, administrative and agricultural side , " indicating that " the past two years , a period when the two correspondences and understandings and coordination between the Commission and the government has given fruitful results but they need time even touched citizen" .oohart Najib to " the committee of economy and investment is moving toward laws that would build a strong economy legislation , " asserting that " the government has sent to the Commission on international conventions , which in turn is trying not to delay it and vote on them in a short period of time."