Urgent .. Integrity: Looking back nearly two million euros to the state treasury after opening the Trade Bank of Iraq files

Tuesday 21-06-2016 | 11:04:40

Twilight News / Integrity Commission announced on Tuesday that enables investigative checksum field team, whose familiarity to open the Trade Bank of Iraq files (TIB) which marred suspicions of corruption, from the recovery of nearly two million euros to the state treasury, "was one of the civil companies, has claimed it."

The authority said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, that "the procedures resulted in the restoration of the amount of (1,879,984) euros to the state treasury was owed by North company to prepare meat and poultry, a sign that it came after taken several actions in connection with irregularities occurring banking facilities granted by the Trade Bank of Iraq ( TIB) for that company. "

And it showed the body, in the gallery talking about the details of the case, refer the file "giving the bank a bank facility of $ (6000.000) euros to the north company to prepare meat and poultry to the competent investigating judge; there are suspicions of corruption in which" certain version investigating judge diary bring against four defendants, most notably the director of the bank Hamdiya dry by exempting them from her post, according to the provisions of Article (331) sanctions, which were written words and their release on bail. "

In the context of the same issue, "investigating judge competent decided integrity issues referral of investigative papers to the competent court; to complete the investigation, and was followed by the actions taken by the Authority and her team field by North company for the processing of meat and poultry to pay what Bzmtha of the bank which I know turn the body was to pay the company what Bzmtha amounts ".

The Integrity Commission has announced the publican of last March that its teams of field investigative and audit, which opened TBI files (TBI) has completed its work assigned to them, to refer (13) is a major issue to justice, related to senior officials graduate departments in the bank.

It is noteworthy that the Integrity Commission announced in mid-December last from the field teams composed of investigative, auditing; to review the Ministries of Justice and Health and the Iraqi Trade Bank of You "TBI".

It is worth mentioning that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi the beginning of June, and exempt from the five government banks managers from their posts, including Hamdiya dry director of Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI).