Government: Abadi law grants authority to replace the transfer of inspectors

June 21st, 2016
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Haider al-Abadi

Forces Union speaks of "formal defects" affected decisions
BAGHDAD - Shammari promised:

The Iraqi government confirmed on Tuesday, recent health measures taken regarding inspectors general, pointing out that the Iraqi legislature to grant Prime Minister and the validity of the appointment, transfer and replaced, but the Iraqi forces union pointed to what he called "cosmetic defects" affected the decision, expressing his regret for not consulted them, warning of continued marginalized in the economic and security files.

Legal Adviser at the Council of Ministers mystic Haider said in a statement to the "New Morning", "The measures taken by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi started replacing some ministers and other transfers between the true and the constitutionality of state institutions."

Sufi said that "the inspectors Law in force granted Abadi, the validity of the selection of qualified and experienced for the position of Inspector General of the characters in all state institutions," explaining that "the right is limited to the Prime Minister alone, without the need for approval of the political blocs, or even members of the government of his crew."

"The granting of the power to appoint Almvic means that the Prime Minister isolated or replace it with another or make transfers between state institutions."

Sufi stressed that "Abadi decisions are in line with the Constitution as the first official of the Council of Ministers, which is the general policy of the state."

For his part, said the delegation negotiating the mass of Iraqi forces union member Mohammed al-Karbouli that "measures Abadi recent violated the Constitution and laws."

He Karbouli in an interview with "New Morning", that "there was no objection by the only Sunni forces, but most of the political blocs, even from within the National Alliance."

He explained that "Abadi nominally committed an error made its decisions about the inspectors are illegal," explaining that "this decision was made to rely on the so-called legislative claimed orders issued in the year 2015".

Karbouli and went on to be "advisers Forces Union told us that the legislative orders were really the authority of the US Coalition Provisional and ended on time.
Also, it is based on him, the prime minister is not there from the ground up. "

The MP pointed out by the Union of Iraqi forces to be "the Prime Minister adopted the same style of his predecessor," explaining that "Nuri al-Maliki while fill the position deliberately marginalize its partners in all areas and it is repeated about gradually."

Karbouli said that "al-Abadi acquired during the last term on the economic and security files under the pretext given by proxy."

He stressed "the need to consult with partners from other political blocs before making a decision as well as the respect of inspectors general."

He warned Karbouli at the same time, "the continuation of the sectarian devote all its forms; it does not serve the public interest of Iraq."

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued at the weekend, is Dioanaa exemption and the appointment and transfer of a number of inspectors general in the ministries and state institutions, raising the ire of some political blocs and invited him to reconsider it.