Parliamentary investment agreements with States: "key" Iraqi economic progress

An economy Since 2016-06-21 12:31 (Baghdad time)

Special balance news

I returned the parliamentary economy and Investment Committee Tuesday, concluding agreements with States "key" Iraqi economic progress and to build a strong economy.

She said the Committee's Deputy Najib, answered for the balance of the news/"was ratified many conventions during the current parliamentary session," stating that "90% of agreements, including economic and investment cooperation and exchange of experiences.

She added, "the conclusion of agreements with States is the key to economic progress and build a strong economy, the fact that the economy, particularly trade and investment needed for building strong international relationships," a sign that most such agreements concluded with States with a long tradition in the economic field. "

Najib, who stated that "the results of those agreements were to be larger, in case if the security situation in Iraq is stable."
Committee member noted that many agreements in the areas of banking and banking transfers, and all those areas that will make a strong economy, "pointing to" seek cooperation with Iraq and invest in it ".