June 21, 2016
BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq called on Deputy for civil society organizations and human rights organizations of the Shiite alliance to stand against arbitrary actions in Searan.oukalt Firdaus al - Awadi said in a statement today: "In a dangerous precedent for the violation of human rights provided by the Government Al Khalifa on daring to withdraw the nationality of the religious authority , Shi'ite Top Bahrain cleric Issa Qassem , surpassing all international norms and human values, and insane to stifle the free voices that refuse subservience and humiliation of the tyrants of the dwarves who slander their people and forget the fate of all tyrants throughout history. " She warned al - Awadi , "from oppression and marginalization of Shiites in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and other countries, noting that" the people will not die and can not be a tyrant to extinguish the free movement of whatever Tafran ".odat Bahrain government to reverse its decision and respect the right of the Shiites in Bahrain before turning mobility peaceful civilized claim their rights, to the revolution which obtained the rights, and beware of the revolution Abah and test their patience if closed doors with the doors of dialogue " . Also called on the institutions of civil society and human rights organizations and all the Liberals in the world to stand against these arbitrary measures against Bahrain Freedom, and called on the international community to pressure Ali Al Khalifa , to respect the Bahraini human rights who has robbed his rights for years , ".ccant Bahrain authorities announced yesterday downed the citizenship of the spiritual leader of the Shiite majority in Bahrain , Sheikh Issa Qassem 's decision was met with Ptazahr thousands of protesters in front of his house and sparked warnings of unrest in the country.