June 21, 2016
BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , Iran 's head of the judiciary Sadeq Amoli Larijani said on Tuesday that "no place to organize Daash terrorist and his mother in law in Iraq , " .ohno Larijani , in his speech today in Tehran during a meeting with senior judiciary officials, congratulated the "government and the Iraqi people 's liberation of Fallujah from terrorists Daash "stressing that" the protectors of terrorism and Daash should know that there is no place for them in Iraq and will in the future also edit the rest of the occupied territories by terrorists at the hands of the Iraqi people ".oaattabr head of Iran 's judiciary" unity and cohesion between the Iraqi government and people as well as attention to the religious authority warnings and guidance value in Iraq, it is that led to the achievement of recent victories . "He added Larijani, said that" Iraq is an important country balances a civilized and human and material great, what makes countries dominate longstanding it always should therefore be on the Iraqi government and people keeping unity and cohesion between them . "he said that" with the support of the supporting countries to resist the peoples of the region in the face of terrorists and enemies, we will see that God Almighty victory in Syria also will receive enemies response divinely staggering. "