June 21, 2016
BAGHDAD / Network Iraq News-parliamentary bloc of the Islamic Dawa Party condemned on Tuesday, on the feet of the Bahraini government to drop the nationality of the spiritual leader of the Shiite majority in Bahrain , Sheikh Issa Qassem 's decision was met with Ptazahr thousands of protesters in front of his house and sparked warnings of unrest in Albulad.oukal Prime bloc behind Abdul Samad in a statement today: trying to Bahraini regime , a move that preceded many erase national Bahraini identity paces through the exclusion of its components thoroughbreds dimensions and arrests and Tnkila and murder, to come past his move to withdraw the citizenship of Sheikh Issa Ahmed Qassem, Bahrain 's opposition is known for his national affiliation to the land of Bahrain . " .oaattabr Abdul Samad dropping citizenship Sheikh Qassem "step desperate reflect the extent of immersing the system and its inability to make an appropriate decision direction people Rebel demanding their legitimate rights, was it behooves him prudence much before embarking on these emotional steps that will come on and stay in the land of no belongs mainly . "he continued , " We condemn these practices we call on the government of Bahrain to be undone and not to be drawn into what slips Baharin dear to the very serious sliders, that the demands of the peoples of true can not stifle any power whatever the tyranny and its might and arrogance ".oicol official website of reference religious in Bahrain Sheikh Qasim was born in a Shiite village in Bahrain in the forties of the last century , when the island was still under the rule Albraitani.oovad witnesses gathering of about 3,000 to 4,000 people in front of Qasim home in the Shiite village of Diraz west of the capital Manama, chanting Shiite chanting "with our blood we will redeem you Hussein , "in turn for Qasim aired on social networking sites and standing in front of his home which is contained greeting Alhacod.oukal witnesses said dozens of police vehicles were seen patrolling the village of Duraz , but there were no reports of clashes.