Reform in the government's banking sector

6/21/2016 0:00

Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam

Launched the reform project in the government's banking sector since the early years of the post after the fall of the dictatorship, as it sought the relevant authorities represented by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to restructure these banks which inherited the immense accumulation of financial and administrative problems, as well as the failure of the banking business patterns by the isolation suffered by a banking system for global surroundings over the years Altsainat.aadh restructuring

However , the performance of the restructuring was not far from patterns of conduct heritage that like a lot of utilitarian features and bureaucracy, the results were no more than routine performance of these Outlk Committee, and enjoy the dispatch of this or that party at the center of development and training limits in attempts to restructure the capital of these banks remained linked to governmental decisions shrouded in a lot of misunderstandings, which had a negative impact on these financial banking sites for long periods of time other she participated in the consecration of apathy in performance.
as well as a great reluctance in the axis of the introduction of technologies in which the performance did not live up to the level of spending on equipment purchase site in Computing and systems online, as it remained
something to do with training and development , which did not employ properly with neglected, apparently, training hub at home for Amdodon accountability or real control on these themes remained poor methods of modernity and limited to the heritage of performance patterns .. what made ​​the cost spending on restructuring programs in the wind despite the fact that these programs were in large part under the supervision and monitoring of the international Monetary Fund through the unity of the restructuring , which was established in the Central Bank.

organizational things inherent in the administrative side of these institutions remained under the influence of inherited cultures administrative work, which worsened with the consecration of corruption cases by the deepening factional and partisan and sectarian quotas in conjunction with the increase in capital of these institutions and employment in the granting of subsidized from the public budget loans by initiatives , or otherwise, launched by the State to support the economic sectors, even formed empires and fiefdoms within it backed party that political or influential individuals in the state, has become for some employees in the weight up to the extent of influencing the decisions and orders of the decision - making centers and the impact on their tracks, and has become a function of these development institutions tool for the interests of the parties to share the benefits.

However , the support for the advancement of economic sectors across the ring volume of lending received by these institutions was significant to the extent that it appeared his influence in some economic episodes, suggesting that these institutions have resulted in its functions, while the figures indicate that this support if he could reach the objectives for the dawn of revolutions sector in the overall economic landscape, what makes scientific review of the reality of performance in these institutions is inevitable , especially as the private banking sector covers in slumber and gasping for years behind the quick profit without raising the credit rates and without having a role in the growth rates or the economic development of the wheel rotation, despite the support he received over the years work monetary tools of rates of interest in the night investment in the Central Bank as well as the benefits and profits of the dollar auction over the twelve previous years.

necessities forced the necessities imposed reality forced you need when you reviewed the courage and admit mistakes, and otherwise, the hold according to the data of this fact will not lead only to further slides towards the foundation for the privatization of these institutions as public companies in concert with the voices calling for the transition towards a capitalist market economy, at a time when the real sectors need it for more support through such institutions as the windows of the loans developmental subsidized.

renewal of energies Accordingly, restructuring these institutions seriously by injecting young blood and highly educated in the banking industry that rely technologies according modernity tools has become a matter of urgency to avoid making past mistakes with the entry of labor loans electronic sectors of industry, agriculture and housing, it is also important to consider seriously for the continued survival of the heirs of the culture of our book and your book in these institutions under the pretext of banking experience at the time of accelerating the pace of life around us and we are still prisoners of bureaucratic legacy , which did not succeed in our progress over the thirteen years past, and therefore we urgently need to change the style of banking culture among the public , which is still seen to such institutions as the authority of the institutions do not service institutions due to lack of confidence among the public and among the cadres of these institutions which are still operating with the mentality of the sultans in dealing with the public, and this is the real reason for the survival of about 70 percent of the money supply issued by the Central Bank out of circulation and away from deposits in state banks with the continuing lack of confidence in banks own.