Border crossings do market movement

6/20/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Farah pumice
after the victories achieved by the security forces in Anbar and secure border crossings with Jordan and Syria, Iraqi Economists Association promised land ports «important gateway» for the delivery of goods and commodities and shorten the time to achieve and elsewhere dwelling capital faster and increase imports financial state.

Vice - President of the Assembly on behalf Antoine between »Sabah» that Iraq has 23 outlets border land, sea and air with the neighboring countries, as it constitutes the wild , including the basic ports with the largest trade outlets Trebil with Jordan, newborn and based with Syria, in addition to land ports on the one hand the province of Basra.

He saw the return of the work the closed border crossing points, especially with Jordan through the Trebil to the port of Aqaba, will save time and deliver goods faster , along with rotation of capital without delay.

However, Antoine called on behalf of his association concerned authorities to provide security and stability to these ports and the need to develop by providing appropriate services to serve the citizen and facilitate the entry of its goods in cooperation with neighboring countries, similar to the countries of the world.

He also stressed the importance of facilitating the arrival of goods after they leave the border crossing points under the licenses and the payment of customs duties and tariffs, as well as providing safety of extortion and sabotage to ensure they arrive to the cities and provinces by monitoring by competent and special body authorities

saw Antoine that this process requires the mobilization of all state agencies to oversee the process of customs and tax supplies other away from the red tape and bureaucracy and obstacles broadcast reassuring at the same citizen to ensure that the goods are intact.
confirmed border crossings Directorate last month a press statement that the three Western border crossings: Trebil with Jordan and the perpetrators of the newborn and based with Syria is ready to work after obtaining government approval.