Deputy for the National emphasizes the need for the convening of parliament after the recess and put the supreme interest of the country

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the National Alliance, on the Keywords need to maintain the supreme interest of the country and the Council of Representatives legislative session after the holiday ends.

According Keywords told {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that "the heroes of the security forces and the popular crowd proved that they are advancing sizes and wide for politicians and political movements,

and the fighter and a fighter is fighting a sense of high spirits and the spirit and hope of the political that enjoy this sense of self-denial and put the interests of above all Alaabarat home and put himself in the position of the struggling battlefields and fight for the sake of the nation and the best interests must be a parliament that convenes after the end of the holiday. "

He noted that "there are dialogues during the month of Ramadan, it is possible to reach understandings to solve problems about holding parliamentary sessions and other differences."

The House of Representatives rapporteur MP Imad Youkhana, had ruled earlier that the House of Representatives held a special meeting during the holy month of Ramadan, is probable that the parliament will hold its meeting after the legislative recess or after the holiday, noting that "there are no there are signs of an extraordinary session,

and did not make No one demand holding them are not from the House of Representatives nor the presidential republic, "adding that" the meeting be held in the event of a favorable atmosphere with a political consensus is possible that the House of Representatives to convene an extraordinary session, but there are different views and disagreements about the legitimacy of the two sessions of the parliament has not been resolved Federal Court it so far. "

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